Yuri Mechitov

My name is Yuri Mechitov. I was born on May, 10, 1950 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I began to shoot photographs when I was 8 years old. But I started to think about photography seriously much later.

My first exhibition was displayed in 1979 in Tbilisi. I started to work mainly in documentary genre, now I find I like to shoot people, I was happy to get into the art-world. It happened occasionally, but I believe that it was as it should be.

My guides were three very different persons -an artist Mark Polyakov, who lives and works in NYC now, film-director Sergey Parajanov, who rests in peace in Yerevan, Armenia and Vladimir Pichkhadze, alas also buried in Tbilisi. They made all their best for me, for I could understand, evaluate and then to create art myself.

I held up to 20 solo and up to 50 group exhibitions in Georgia and other countries. But I bothered that five years ago I prepared book "Georgia. Images" which has not published yet. I am working also on Sergey Parajanov's photo-book project titled "The Chronicle of a Dialogue", I should try to find a sponsor to publish this books though I believe these projects, especially Parajanov book should be of commercial value.

I also dream to publish my erotic photographs. I began to shoot them in 1998. In 1999 I had act exhibition "Under wraps" named in honor of my favorite rock group "Jethro Tull"

Thousands of my negatives are waiting for their hour. Sometimes I think not to shoot more, but dig up archives. I switched to digital photography some three years ago, so those three years are more visible. I have to scan all valuable negatives in order to create my whole photo-story.

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