"Georgia Double Pages"


В книге представлено около 200 черно-белых фотографий. Каждая композиция представляет собой два черно-белых изображения собранных вместе по смыслу или композиционно - документальные фотографии, социальные фотографии и портреты, как популярных и известных, так и порой неизвестных даже фотографу людей. Все фотографии сняты Юрием Мечитовым в Грузии в в течение 38 лет.

A photographer is a hostage of images created by him. He is not doomed to part with the past. The past is documented; positives and negatives are stored in envelopes and folders. And all these images have special power over a photographer.
Sometimes they scream in a fit of exhibitionism, yelling eager to be exhibit, published, gathered under a cover. For me the great value of photography is in its silence. Very often created in awful fuss, it nevertheless has nothing to do with it. In spite of a wide-spread opinion it is not a fixed instant, but the eternity itself outlined by a rectangle. It is amazing: while a moment is shot, the eternity is fixed. And then, due to many and many reasons, Photography is born. Photography as an image.

Photography as a portrait. Photography as a narration. It never hurries, never hastens, it doesn't press or dictate its rhythm, but gives a chance to stop, to think, to know oneself. The result of my self-knowledge is this collection of photographs. It is settled by people and images surrounding me for the last 25 years. All photos have been shot in my native country Georgia, in many ways a remarkable country, different from both Western and Eastern ones. And I myself keep being surprised by people who live here as well as I keep being surprised by myself. I admit these photographs are a little bit sad. You get to know while shooting photographs and they say there is much sadness in much knowledge.

About me

Thousands of my negatives are waiting for their hour. Sometimes I think not to shoot more, but dig up archives. I have to scan all valuable negatives in order to create my whole photo-story.